Jake Gregoire Photography | About
Hi there, my name is Jake, and I fell in love with photography a few months before my first daughter was born. While I did take a couple film classes back in high school, it wasn't until this time while preparing for her birth that I decided to pickup a new camera. One photo after the other, and before I knew it I was taking hundreds of photos a week. My intentions were to simply document the growth of my family, and in doing so several friends approached me to take their picture. After a few family shoots, I really got the bug, and basically began doing everthing I could do to learn. Book after book, tons of online tutorials, a seminar here and there, and countless hours of shooting, and even more editing, I am here today and having more fun each day with the art of photography. I have been very fortunate to take thousands and thousands of different photos in all sorts of situations. From cars, models, food, animals and wildlife, to weddings, family reunions, family shoots, and newborn baby shoots, the fun doesn't stop.
Being that I am very fortunate to have a wonderful and steady day job, photography has been a fun small business for me to run which I do keeping strongly in mind at all times that it's for me, and it's my hobby. I translate this into my work by spending a lot of extra time trying to get my photos just right. I don't promise a certain number of photos to be delivered, unless there is a specific request before hand. Instead what I do is take hundreds to thousands of photos during small to large shoots. I then go through each and every photo editing only the ones I like. I then put in an extensive amount of time fine tuning them into quality high-definition photos that I am proud of. Therefore I spend roughly 3 hours editing per every hour I spend shooting. A one hour shoot takes no less than about 4 hours of work.
Due to my work process I do not provide "raw" or "un-edited" images to clients. All of my work gets the same treatment!

Thank you to all of you whom have let me photograph your memories, and to those whom I hope to work with soon....Jake